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By March 31, 2017 No Comments

Plastic Mobile's Plastic Mobiles Baby

Here at Plastic Mobile, we have focused on building 5-star mobile experiences since our inception 10 years ago. However, the generic nature of our name has sometimes given people the impression that we dabble in much different territories. Having such a ubiquitous name has made us a popular search result for everything from mobile plastic filing cabinets to plastic phone cases to even plastic mobile toilets.

In a world powered by big data and all the acronyms that come with it (KPI’s, CPM’s, CTR’s, DMA’s, and ROFLMAO’s), we felt that we were missing out on a huge opportunity by not taking advantage of these mistaken inquiries.

So we’ve decided to pivot.

Announcing for the first time ever, Plastic Mobile’s Plastic Mobiles. Never again will we miss a sale from a befuddled consumer who came to our site by mistake.

This new and innovative product is the ideal gadget for every technophile parent looking to give their little one a head start in the world of Apps. Compatible with all major crib brands, Plastic Mobile’s Plastic Mobiles give you the power to put your baby to sleep with the soothing visuals of popular app icons, and sound effects like typing and ringing.

You don’t want your tot being the only kid in pre-school who isn’t fluent in emojis. How embarrassing will it be if your youngster has to ask someone else to call the Uber? Do you want to be the monster that has the only child at Mommy and Me classes that can’t post it to their Snapchat Story?

These are all travesties that can be avoided by setting up the Plastic Mobile Plastic Mobile, right when they get home from the hospital.

By outfitting cribs with this bleeding-edge technology, we have brought a whole new meaning to the term “tech incubators”, while simultaneously developing the next generation of Plastic Mobilers through Plastic Mobile’s Plastic Mobiles

However, if you are more inclined to teach your child about technology the old fashioned way, we also have you covered with the children’s book Letters, Shapes and Technology, penned by our own Sep Seyedi!

For any inquires please contact the Plastic Mobile’s Plastic Mobile Mobile Hotline at (277) 453-6657 or (APR) ILF-OOLS.