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Report: How the Snapchat vs. Instagram Feud is Actually Good for the Tech Community

By July 16, 2017 No Comments

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In our continued effort to keep things fresh here at Plastic, we are introducing a new report series that aims to make sense of the most polarizing topics from across the digital landscape. Whereas our Mobile X reports were focused on giving readers a quarterly update on everything happening in mobile at the moment, Findings from the Foundry reports will be published without a set date and will focus on a single topic, looking at it from the lenses of Past, Present, and Future. While the majority of the R&D done in our in-house Innovation Lab, the Foundry, is completed in secrecy, these reports will be where we share our insights about the most talked about topics in the industry. Please enjoy our inaugural edition of Findings from the Foundry “The Imitation Game” below!

If the old adage “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” were still true, then that would make Snap Inc. the most flattered company in tech right now, but somehow that does not seem like it’s the case. If the same proverb were to be modified for the Silicon Valley crowd, it would probably read more like “imitation is the quickest way to make millions.” With the introduction of stories, lens filters, and geofilters across their suite of apps, Facebook and Instagram have made a very obvious and conscious attack on Snap Inc., the same company which it has been at war with since its reported acquisition offer of $3 Billion was turned down.

While Snap Inc. may feel like it’s being unfairly and unjustly cloned, this is hardly the first case of this in the tech world and won’t be the last either. To better understand this phenomenon,we  looked to the past, present, and future of digital copycats in our new report “The Imitation Game: How “Copycats” Have Helped Shape the Tech World.”

In this report, you will discover:

  • Who were the original tech copycats
  • Why China’s tech-boom of the late 90’s could be the perfect recipe for current developing nations
  • Why Snap Inc. should thank Instagram and Facebook
  • and much more!

Click here to download your complimentary Findings from the Foundry report, and please feel free to reach out and let us know what you think!