This past Wednesday, Google held their widely anticipated event in San Francisco, finally announcing the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, in addition to a few other buzzworthy reveals.

Google family 2017

It was an event filled with the unveiling of a variety of exciting devices packed with glossy hardware from the sleek Pixelbook to the snazzy Google Clips. But the undoubted showstopper of the event was Google’s upgraded AI and machine learning technology embedded within all of their devices.

mobile first to AI first

From the start of the conference, Google CEO – Sundar Pichai noted how Google was continuing their efforts in shifting from a “mobile first world to an AI first world”. That claim was clearly echoed throughout the event, by showing examples of how Google Assistant can be easily integrated into any user’s life.

The focus on Google’s AI technologies throughout the event had a heavy emphasis on the “machine learning” aspect. Making it a point that your Google Assistant will be able to learn and adapt to your preferences. For example, remembering exactly where you left off when listening to your podcast during your commute or even being smart enough to adjust volume levels when you are driving to reduce distraction. The application of Google’s AI is seemingly endless. From helping you with your day to day tasks to giving you recommendations of things you might like.

Pixel 2 Google assistant demo

Google is definitely on to something. As a tech company, Google has proven that their eyes are set on the future of technology, and what it will look like. Just recently, the consumer market has witnessed a boom in smart-home devices. Home devices such as speakers, TVs, lights, thermostats, security cameras, and even some kitchen appliances, are starting to have AI built into them in order to communicate with each other.  

The rise of these common appliances suddenly becoming “smart” means that the time for machine learning and AI is absolutely essential and Google seems to be leading the charge in this field. With Google’s efforts in shifting from “mobile first” to “AI first”, Google is rapidly innovating the way we interact with technology.

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