Whenever we find new places and platforms for entertainment, we can be sure that ads are just around the corner. As a part of one of the largest industries in the world, marketing and advertising professionals have to constantly be aware of where our time and attention is going, and how best to target those ads.

From targeted pop-ups online, to the YouTube commercials that play RIGHT in the middle of your favorite music video, ads are constantly reaching out to us across multiple channels simultaneously… about 5,000 times a day in fact.

A number like that got us thinking, are there places that consumers actually enjoy seeing advertising? And on the other side of things, where do we hope to never see another ad again?

So, in the second edition of Havas asks Canada, we set out to ask Canada two simple questions:


  • Which three forms of advertising do you dislike most? Why?
  • Which three forms of advertising do you enjoy most? Why?

The top findings?

Consumers want to be in control. We’re much more inclined to ‘enjoy’ an ad if we have the option of skipping it. Go figure.

We’re getting terrifyingly good at ignoring some forms of ads. The ads that we can tune out were actually ranked higher. Seriously.

For a complete look at the findings, take a look and download the entire report here.