Sep Seyedi Chief Executive Officer Plastic Mobile


Chief Technology Officer, Plastic Havas
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Leading all things tech and innovative at Plastic Mobile, with a tenacious leadership style, Sep runs a tight, but smooth rocket, launching Plastic into the number one spot and changing the way the world experiences mobile everyday.

Off the heels of an impressive engineering career, leading tech initiatives for juggernauts like NASA, General Motors, Pfizer and Bank of America, just to name a few, Sep put his passion for problem solving, and creating new technologies into a venture where he set out to pioneer the mobile industry, setting the bar for technological excellence.

Sep’s thirst for the next great breakthrough has fueled the many first-of-it’s-kind initiatives that were fostered for the continent’s biggest and boldest brands, trailblazing through the digital landscape. Not only has he made innovation into a practice at Plastic Mobile, but he has also created the playground, also known as Plastic’s Mobile Innovation Lab, for innovation to proliferate, and new technologies to come to life.